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Barry in the movies. [Jun. 9th, 2007|08:40 pm]
Barry Privett Fans


[Tags|, ]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire DVD]

If you didn't already know, Barry's is going to be playing the role of a soldier in an upcoming film, Night Fall, to be released July 4, 2008, according to IMDb.

That has *got* to explain the beard (I hope), since the movie is in production now.

Also, I found out that Barry has a Kevin Bacon number of 2!

Okay, I should be packing now. Enjoy the trivia!

From: thedougz
2007-06-10 06:05 am (UTC)
Good. 'Cuz there better damn well be a good explanation for the beard!

Bacon numbers! Hahaha... I have an AP Stats problem (and sometimes a Discrete problem) on Bacon numbers I love, but the kids just plain don't ever get!

Now I'm realizing this is in the community and not your personal journal but it doesn't matter... but I'm gonna tell you here anyway that, yes, I got your voice mail, and yes, I owe you a call, and, yes, I will do that tomorrow, but today was a busy day in the District (of Columbia, that is)!
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From: nsrruhch
2013-02-17 01:07 am (UTC)
locals looking to meet Go Here dld.bz/chwZF
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